29 September 2009

Great way to sync the camera and GPS times

Now that I use Maperture Pro to geocode my images inside Aperture, getting the camera time accurate is even more important. Offsetting the time is possible in Maperture Pro, but if the camera time is accurate it's much easier to geocode the images and cuts out a potentially problematic step.

I have the display on my computer set to show seconds as well as hours and minutes. In the Date & Time System Preference it's set to sync the date and time automatically, so it should be accurate within a few seconds of the satellite time on the GPS. Just before I go out shooting I use the clock on the computer screen to set the camera, then shoot a shot of the clock to confirm the correspondence.

If you download the image below and check the Exif data, the date and time of the original image match the time captured in the image.

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