09 August 2007

Maps data moved to .Mac

I've moved all my tracks and photos from my old impty website to .Mac, since Apple has increased the storage available for the account, and it's simple to buy more space if I need it. The new version of iPhoto also gives a great way of showing photos, including full-size downloads of photos. With the new iWeb, I can apparently include Google Maps in iWeb pages: I'll see if the kml files can be made to work so I can integrate all the bits together in the one place.

Here are the previous tracks:
  1. Pinnacle walk 6 June 2007.
  2. Wee Jasper Hume and Hovell recce 16 June 2007.
  3. Big Hole recce 30 June 2007.
  4. Big Hole Marble Arch 22 July 2007. Tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/357phd.

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