25 August 2007

NATMAP Raster Premium on the Macintosh

Buoyed by the success with getting the Topoview Raster 2006 topographic maps to the Macintosh without a Windows PC, I decided to try Geoscience Australia's NATMAP Raster Premium 1:250 000 topographic maps for the whole of Australia. So I went down to the local MapWorld store in Canberra (it's in Rudd Street, not on Northbourne Avenue as the address would suggest, on the outside of the Jolimont Centre), and picked up a copy. I also picked up for free copies of the Map Index to NATMAP Topographic Maps and the New South Wales Topographic Map Catalog (West and East) to save navigating the Acrobat .pdf files of the indexes.

Unfortunately as far as I can see the maps aren't available individually on the DVD, so the same process that works for Topoview won't work for the NATMAP product to get them into MacGPS Pro. Graphic Converter does open the Zone files on DVD 2, but of course the images are huge, and geocoding the bits you can save out of the file looks like it would be tedious. More investigation required...

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